You Never Know Where Life Is Going To Take You

By Kathleen Neuman • November 18, 2013

I was separated from my first husband when I was 27, I joined parents without partners, and I met a man there that made me feel happy and laugh, which is something I had not done too often wit my first marriage of 10 years. Well we started dating, and after about awhile we found we just was not ready for a long term relationship so we went our separate ways. I did not know that another man there, named Tom, told Tim that if he ever broke up with me he was going to be right there to marry me. Well we broke up, and Tom was right there, we dated 5 years, and married for 21 years and he got lung cancer and died on New Years eve in 2003. I was devastated, He as very good to my son and I. I missed him so much. I was a widow for 10 years. I was on Facebook and I put Tim's name in as a friend request, well it was there for awhile because he di not have his page set to accept friend request. He must have noticed it and changed it, and there I was.

He wrote me on Facebook for awhile, ten he called me for about 3 hours it was like we never stopped talking. He ended up coming to Baltimore in March, for a week and it was like we never stopped seeing each other. I went to Florida for 3 months and packed his house up. He moved to Baltimore and we got married a year ago. I am 64 he is 69. At first I felt like why are we doing this when we are so old, then I thought God would not put us together unless we were suppose to spend the sunset of our lives together and be happy. I don't know why life has these twists and turns, but I am surely glad that we got to be together again. I hope God gives us many good years together'


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