When A Random Stranger Does Something Nice

By Tim • May 29, 2018

This happened just a few minutes ago and I wanted to share. It's not a huge deal but put a smile on my face and made me feel very grateful.

I headed to my local store, it doubles up as a petrol station. As I enter the forecourt I notice that all the pumps are cordoned off. I figure they have just ran out of fuel. I head into the store and notice that the refrigerated and frozen sections are empty.

My local store was being weird tonight, that's for sure. I grab a few bits and pieces and head to the checkout. briefly chat to the cashier to find that apparently a cleaner earlier in the day has managed to trip exactly the wrong fuse and had pretty much buggered up the entire store. Pumps out of action, refrigeration, no contactless payments, that kind of thing.

I go to pay and the card reader doesn't even try, I enter pin and after half a second it says to remove card. I try again, same deal. I'm hp;ding up the line so I move my shopping over and tell the cashier I am heading outside to their ATM.

I head out, and the ATM is also out of order. I go back in and while dealing with the next customer the cashier looks up and spots me, gives me an inquiring look and I tell him the ATM is out. I suggest leaving my shopping there and running home to grab some cash.

The legend of a dude who was in the process of being served insists on covering the cost of my shopping and sending me on my way. It wasn't a massive amount, about £5, but that makes no difference, it was a lovely thing for him to do completely out of the blue. he said it was nice to help someone out and it saves me having to run back home and back to the shop and back home again.

So to the random guy in my local Tesco Express, cheers buddy, If I ever see you in town, your first pint is on me!


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