Life Biggest Mistake

By Sonia Kaur • May 27, 2018

You know what is the biggest mistake of the life? When we break someone's heart. Today I met with a girl named priya told me her story that how did so easily she broke her lover's heart for another guy without even realizing what would be going on to her lover. Priya never found true love again in life.

This is not only priya's mistake, we all make this mistake. Everybody takes true love as take it for granted and realize it's worth after loosing it. How to know about true love in our life? True love means spirit of giving. Where there are less expectations, making sacrifices happily and always think good for one another. The one who loves you wholeheartedly never ever snatch your freedom and trust you fully. Accept you as you are. Always think for you before him.

Like priya, everybody is making the same mistake, not to truly value true love and run after fake love. After so many years priya didn't get true love and after that whosoever came to her life for their selfish motto. When priya understood the meaning of true love, then she realized her mistake. The fact of life sometimes God gives us only one chance and we lose it for waiting another good chance.

This is everybody's problem. We only realize the worth of a person when we lose him. Give respect to everybody in your life. I like priya's story and then I decided to write down. I don't know whether you like it or not but I felt right to share this with all the readers. May be at this time after reading this topic someone appreciate true love in their life and never let it go.


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