By Sonia Kaur • May 21, 2018

It is very necessary to use words in language properly. Words are the tools through which we can heal, or we can destroy. Words are weapon as well as magical stick. So in our language words need to be good because our words tell about us.

Let's talk about good words. What is good words? Good words are encouraging words, caring and loving words, powerful words etc. To fill someone's wound, the good words should be used i.e good is going to be happened, I am always with you, you can do it etc.

Words which can heal. When we read motivational books. How does the book motivate us? By its words. Author uses healing and powerful words, which affects the core of our heart. Words puts an impact on our life so always use positive, encouraging and loving words. Don't use painful words which hurt people. Your words can lift or drop anyone.

Now what is bad words? Bad words are discouraging words, painful words, fearful words, words can destroy the future and relationships. I am again and again saying one thing that please beware of your words. Words are not joke. Take them seriously. Our good and bad karma depends on our words as well.

Speak what you want to hear. With your words you can fill sweetness in relationship. You cannot imagine the power of words. Nowadays people speak without thinking. Speak whatever you want to speak but be aware with your words. While speaking we never imagine what our words are putting an impact on others. Result of our words shows that where our relationship has gone. So be aware of your words.

We can create our destiny through our words. What we speak comes back to us. Use positive sentences with your self and with others i.e I am a winner, I am beautiful, I am intelligent and so on. The same sentences use for others as well.

One word with deep meaning says a lot than to speak lots of words uselessly. Just say 'God Bless You' to everybody and see the change in your life. Blessings itself coming on your way. You will always smile because you give the blessing through your words. Some speak less but good some speak more but useless. We must learn to use words properly to explain what we mean to say.

Don't involve into an argument. No one has won in argument till today.

Thanks to God for giving us the power to speak. People need our words badly. We have the power to heal them, encourage them, be free with compliments.

"Raise your words, not voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder." -Rumi


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