A Lesson From A Stranger

By Jhefdaily • May 14, 2018

I was having fun with my 6 year old daughter when she was invited for a kiddie party hosted by my colleague, a nurse, to celebrate the 2nd birthday of her daughter. My 6 year old little girl enjoyed the games and the prizes she got.

For more fun, she wanted to go to a mall since it was too early to go home. When we were there, we went to toy and gift shops and took pictures like the way she enjoyed it.

When we strolled I saw a young lady about 6-10 feet ahead of us and noticed something fell from the stuff she bought. I hurried up to grab the item and called her attention assuming that she would wrap it as a Christmas gift.

She then turned back as I approached her while extending my hand to give her the item and said, "You don't want to miss this precious item to give it to your special someone."

"Oh, thank you very much; actually, this is for my mother. I know she's going to love it," she responded.

I extended my right hand for a hand shake and introduced myself. "I am Jhef and that's my daughter over there, Chace."

"I am Lany. Your daughter is so pretty," she replied.

Wondering where she is connected, I commented, "I can see you are a very busy woman, judging the texture of your hand."

She smiled and added, "Yes, indeed, I am busy serving in an airline company."

I was a bit surprised and excited meeting a woman like her. "Really; are you a flight stewardess?" I asked.

"No," she replied with a smile, "I served as an accountant for 5 years now."

So I asked more open-ended questions such as this, "How is it like serving in an airline company as an accountant for 5 years?"

With optimism and spirited attitude towards her career she explained, "I love dealing with numbers and the challenges. The experience I had was amazing."

"But I quit serving the airline company to study marketing," she added.

I suggested that she can still pursue her studies while serving the airline. But I can tell the firmness she had to quit and focus to study marketing.

She was as an amazing woman and I learned a lot from her. Sensing the earnest prods of my little girl, I concluded our wonderful conversation. We shook hands again and separated ways. With happy hearts, my daughter and I, set our feet homeward bound.

Talking to a complete stranger stained my mind. Then, only then, in an instant, an unexpected lesson I learned – to alter our way of thinking makes a difference in life.

A common word, that we oversight its substantial essence, kept on blinking in my mind as I reviewed our conversation. If applied, what an impact is this to my life and career! SERVE is the common word.

"Where do you work?" is the typical question we usually ask. Taking a hint from Lany's gracious way, we may inquire, "Where do you serve?"

Work is labor disposing the task for compensation at the end of the day in lenient, mumbling way; demanding for benefits even beyond reach.

SERVE is service stretching out every nerve to answer one's beckoning calls graciously, adorably; expecting no returns, takes responsibility, motivates for something desirable.

Now, one may ask me, "Where do you work?" My quick, innovative reply would be, "I serve in a hospital."

A perfect lesson from a complete stranger. A motivating conversation in an awkward situation. Amazing indeed.

In life, sometimes, an inspiration to move on can be given to a person in less time for a lifetime lesson.


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