You Write Your Own Story, It Is Up To You What Others Remember You By

By 10MinuteMotivation • April 30, 2018

In life, something that is very certain is that you write your own story. You are in charge of all the things you do and all the things others remember you by. This means that all of your actions will eventually write your story.

It is important to know what you want your story to be, how you want you and others to perceive you during your life. Do you want to be known as a lazy person who has terrible habits? Or do you want to be known as a hard worker with a vision who works to turn this vision into reality?

If your choice is to be known as the first, all you need to do is nothing. If your choice is to be known as the latter, you must show up, you must work hard, you must work yourself towards becoming a leader, you must create a better world, you must do all you can to turn that vision into reality every single day.

You write your own story, it is up to you how others will tell it.


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