Email From Grandma

By Manicam • April 19, 2018

My grandma turned 90 last year. She sends an email to the family every night to let everyone know what she's up to. This was the end of her email tonight.

"I was going to sort some papers and discard, well, I started reading some letters and clippings, and the afternoon was gone and I still didn't pitch much. Also, ended up being depressing as they were stuff with square dancing and to think that we were all so young and there were three thousand at the convention. So many of those friends are gone. Where has the time gone.???Life was wonderful, many happy memories but I miss those days and family and friends. But I guess I was fortunate to have such wonderful memories of happy times. My life was good.

I may sound like an old lady preaching, but you young folks live your life to the fullest, because you can't come back and redo it. So after all is said and done, you also will have happy memories to remember.

Love and Prayers, mom"


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