What It Took To Get To My Dream Job

By Mr Kyle • April 17, 2018

When I was three, I told my mom and dad I wanted to make cartoons. I drew some weird stuff like people in burning buildings and people getting trampled at rodeos, but they weren’t bad drawings and my parents were cool with it.

When I was 11 I joined an AOL channel to make comics and met other kids that did the same, and we’d mostly all keep in touch for the rest of our lives.

When I was 18 I got a full ride to a college that was pretty good, but not for what I needed, because I still wanted to make cartoons.

When I was 20, I told my family I needed to go to SCAD to learn animation.

When I was 23 I made an animated short that made me believe I could really do this and not just talk about it forever.

When I was 26 I told my family I needed to move to Portland to give it a shot, or I’d never be in that world.

When I was 27 I started making my own shorts again, in hopes of making my own tv show. A few months later I started the legitimate push with a producer. It was a struggle, as all pitches are.

When I was 29, I got a job at Bent Image Lab, doing animated commercial work after years of freelance. It was great, but it wasn’t a show.

A few weeks ago I got offered a job at Shadow Machine doing VFX on an animated TV show. And it's some weird stuff! :D

April 9th I started making cartoons.


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