Banking And Finance (Blessings And Favour)

By Jodi-Ann E. M. Morgan • April 16, 2018

One morning at church, we were all given a blank cheque and asked to imagine that Jesus Himself had given it to us. Our pastor then asked us to fill out the cheque, putting whatever it is we want God to bring to fruition in our lives. I thought long and hard about this. After filling it out I said to myself, if only it were so easy.

If only there was a bank down the street where I could just cash this cheque and retrieve its contents. I imagine the look of surprise I would receive from a teller if I actually tried to do that! But, there is a heaven. And God is seated there. Through His Son, I can communicate my heart's deepest desires - and better yet, I can attain them too. With the Word of God imprinted on my heart, it can be transformed to be like His. If I pray and ask for the Holy Spirit to lead me, I can be guided on the pathway to my purpose. I can be delivered from the grasp of the enemy's hands. God takes care of the birds and trees; He'll provide for me also; I need not worry. As long as my goals align with His Will, I'll achieve more than my mere aspirations, I' ll be prosperous.

So maybe we can't lodge this kind of cheque, but there is Someone who will make deposits to our lives. We can't earn it, we won't ever be able to repay it but we sure do need it.

For that, we should say thanks.


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