The Person Who Saved My Future

By System0fagame • April 13, 2018

After going homeless at the age of 19 just a few months ago with no friends or family that I could ask for help I just kinda gave up and I was going to go drown myself in the river. While sitting with a handful of other homeless folk in front of a casino parking lot a guy walked up and asked for a light and if he could sit with us since his friends kinda bailed on him and we had nothing better to do so we said sure. After hearing my situation he offered that he'll pay me to clean his apartment by the hour and I said sure I just sit around all day anyways. So I took the chance and we head back to his place and he let me stay the night. After the first night I cleaned the place and I didn't accept a payment from him so he offered for me to stay another night . He asked if I wanted to stay since his friend was coming over and I said sure what the hell. His friend had convinced me to go to Wayne State and get a degree in computer science, he agreed to let me stay at his place until I take the sat and get admitted into the fall semester and without any reason but to be nice he's let me stay at his apartment and has been keeping me well fed . If it wasn't for him and his friend I would be at the bottom of the Detroit river.


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