The Best Part Of My Day

By _scienceftw_ • April 4, 2018

My son is Autistic. The best part of my day is the 20 minute night time routine with all his stuffed animals. Repetition doesn't bother him (in fact he prefers it) so my same jokes totally kill every night.

It started as a 2 min routine but I'm forbidden to mix up the order or skip anything so anytime I improvise something it's now a permanent addition to the show.

Right when I get home from work he starts planning it out with me. There are a couple of elements that are variable like how many of the non-standard animals will sneak in. So he wants me to tell him how many "sneaks" there will be tonight. He thinks it's hilarious if there are a different number than what he his expecting that try and sneak in to be part of the show.


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