The Stepping Stones

By Anjali Mohapatra • March 30, 2018

One day, a child told his mother, ‘Mom, today is not a good day.’

His mother was surprised at his statement and instantly asked,’Why? What happened, dear?’

He said, ‘While coming home, I fell down in the staircase and got hurt on my knee.’

His mom laughed and patted him fondly,‘Oh, dear! It’s not staircase’s fault. You should be careful and minded your step.’

Again after few days, coming back from school, the boy said, ‘Mama, today is a bad day for me.’

Anxiously, his mother asked him, ‘Why so?’

The son replied, ‘Well, I wrote everything, but my teacher gave me 20 marks in history, out of fifty! I am really very upset.’

This time his mom said that he should be thankful to his teacher that she had not given 02! She nicely explained that he might not had given enough effort for the subject for which he got less mark. At the same time, she ensured him that he should focus the topics, not the marks.

The boy was surprised at his mother’s cool, gentle attitude! He assumed it other way round! He stuttered, ‘Mom! Seriously!!! You didn’t get angry?’

She smiled at her son and said, ‘Yes, honey! Why should I get angry? Marks are not the real measuring yard for the child’s knowledge! Who knows, tomorrow you might be counted as one of the most talented person in some special thing!!!’

The boy smiled and ran away for playing. The mother kept herself busy in her usual work.

Few days the boy had no complain. Suddenly, one day he came back from the school with a frowning face. His appearance seemed very unusual. He didn’t say a word to his mom. He just went to his bed room, threw the bag on the table and sprang on the bed putting his face down on the pillow. Perhaps he was crying. When his mother called him for having some food, he kept silent. Seeing delayed response, his mom came to him and asked the reason of his upset mood. Once again, he said, ‘Today is the worst day for me.’

Moving her fingers on his head, the mother asked him very softly, ‘What happened, darling! Why it is a bad day again? Did you fight with someone? Somebody said something bad about my son? Why are you so upset? Tell me, definitely I will solve your problem.’

Now the boy hugged his mom and grunted, ‘Mom, I had a fight with my best friend. He told me that he would not talk to me any more. I didn’t do anything wrong mama, why would he stop his friendship with me? I have no one now! I would be all alone!’

His mother clutched him very close and in a supporting voice said, ‘Oh, dear! Who said that you are all alone? I am always with you. Don’t you know that I am your best friend! Your friend is a small kid like you. He never meant to cut the relationship with you. For few days, he may continue his anger but everything would be ok. By the way, from tomorrow onwards, whenever you would see him, give him a smile. Don’t get angry. No matter what he says, don’t react. Trust me, he will change his mind.’

The boy thought for a while, then nodded his head with acceptance, then happily went away for playing! Perhaps, he was too young to understand his mother’s intellectual motive!

Well! Usually, a mother is defined universally as a kind hearted, blind folded woman towards her children forever! Nothing new about it. There are thousands of mothers, who support their children even though they are well aware of their wards mistake! They blame others, without correcting their own child! But here, this lady was little bit different, who believed in the strong foundation of her child in right direction! She wanted to convey the message to her son that instead of pointing fingers to others, he should correct himself and be careful in every moment! Maybe, this is called ‘the stepping stone’, which would strengthen the foundation of a child to be a better man in future!! Undoubtedly, mother’s role is extremely important for the transformation of the child’s personality, and she is the one and only one person to build this stepping stone for her child although the surrounding is equally important for him!!!


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