My Angel

By Senait • March 23, 2018

As we all have days and times that make us loose hope slightly, hate everything completely and also loose our self love and meaning entirely. That time came to me a year after i was introduced to the working force as a fresh employee at the post graduation time. At first i took it just as a normal routing that would pass like the flu,but it didn't. Instead it got worse as started to realize that the reality of life was far more different than my immature mind had prepared me for.

Growing up I used to think that the mind was the center of our living, success and life. then the dilemma of my thinking not being able to ease my life and my thoughts not being able to solve what was to be the base to my future life and career hit me hard and made me paralyzed inside and out. Just then when i thought all was just not what i needed and faced a depressing time i got the news that one of my best friends was expecting a baby and it was just like any other news at first. As time went by and i started to share my friend's preparation on welcoming a new member, a little sense of excitement was rising inside me. At the end of the ninth month we were engaged on guessing what the sex of the baby will be (as the parents don't share the practice of knowing the sex before birth we had to wait till the time of birth), choosing names mostly names that could be used for both girls and boys and also praying that my friend would have a safe delivery with a healthy baby. It was then that i had remembered how I had forgotten about prayer and the peace and love that it gives you for a while and had drowned in earthly gains and dilemmas. I remember the time that i received a call that my friend was admitted to the hospital to deliver a child that was going to be my niece or nephew, and then i rose to pray the most heart felt prayer i had in almost a year,not only was i praying for the well being of my loved once in the hospital but also for God to give me the strength to stand up again. Morning came I went to see my friend ,what i didn't expect was though my heart would melt at the instant sight of that child my friend gave birth to and feel all my problems fade away and my heart feeling at ease and a life again. God had given me the answer and sign i had being hoping to get, an angel in a form of a baby boy that i have loved dearly (it kills me to say even more than his mother) till this day!

Whatever we are going through there is always a bright side walking by our side and before us that only depends on how we choose to see it and capture it's blessing. Either in a form of a baby that is dear to us or in a smile of a stranger we just glanced at or even the feel of nature and wind brushing our faces, its always there let's just open our eyes to grasp and use it to revive ourselves.


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