Catching My Dreams

By Melissa • November 12, 2013

After almost 3 months of crying, loans from loved ones, missing home, wondering if ill ever make it out here, wondering if id ever get a job that was right for me, wondering when i would be able to buy fish oil, or get a bottle of wine, wondering if id be able to spend over 30$ on groceries this week, go to yoga, or dance outside of school (and many other things I am forgetting because of the 3 glasses of wine I accidentally had).

That has all changed my friends, this was my first day of gear 1 on my California adventure. A 3 mile bike ride to work (a job that never seemed like was going to happen) in the morning, literally on the coast of California with the beach to my left for 25mins +....has changed my life. I will wake up everyday like this, ready to catch my dreams. Love to all my friends and family.

This is real, live, powerful positive thinking friends, take it and run! (hop, skip, gallop or twirl...i fancy dancing most) But, lets make moves people, move move move! Like live your life, but you don't have to literally move to California. I did though and I highly recommend it!


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