Cute Gift Of God

By Gayathri.M • March 5, 2018

It was truly the most beautiful thing to watch, as the tiny hint of a smile slowly spread across his face and reached his beautiful eyes. His cute little hands went straight into his mouth as he laughed with pleasure at the sight of the smiling faces of his parents. His happiness was infectious as it slowly crept into the hearts of everyone present there. He was none other than the most beautiful creation of God that had captured the hearts of millions around him,just by a single smile!

One of the most innocent and perhaps the best creations of God is a small child. Their cute little hands and chubby little face capture our heart and transport us into an entirely different world of pleasure. One small smile from them is enough to lift our spirits and make us forget all our tensions. They entrust their entire faith in the heavenly form of God that watches over them with immense love and care,which is none other than their mother! They have no fears and inhibitions in them.Their only motto in life is "to love and to be loved"!!!

There are many things we can learn from these cute gifts of God,the first of them being the pure heart that they have which is only filled with love and has no space for feelings like selfishness or jealousy. They teach us to be happy and appreciate the little things in life! So let us all try to learn from these angels of God and spread love and peace across the world!


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