The Best Thing About Having A Service Dog

By Emma's Owner • March 4, 2018

Years ago I dated a woman with a rare disease whose treatment had torn her body apart, and had a service dog for her needs. Emma was primarily used for balance, but picked stuff up too. She was mostly a German Sheppard, but had other in her, so she wasnt as big as a full blooded sheppard.

Nicole was constantly in the hospital, and hospital visits suck, and she would nap off on the meds she'd be given, so I would ask the nurses if anyone needed dog therapy. Id get sent up to the pediatric unit most of all, and Emma was a natural. One girl had broken her Femur, and had been in in a bed for a few weeks and was depressed as you could imagine. Ill never forget Emma running into the room, and jumping on the bed, on the perfect spot where no kid or apparatus sat. I had to hold back tears watching her face turn from misery to a huge smile.

Honestly the best thing about having a service dog.

Story/photo credit: blodisnut


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