A Short Brown Envelope

By Chito Belmonte, A.k.a Jhefdaily • March 1, 2018

"Is your doctor around?"

It was around 3pm in the afternoon when a woman in late 40's came to our clinic inquiring for the doctor. I told her that he is no longer available, and then she showed me a piece of paper, indicating that she came from one of the government hospitals where her mother is currently confined. She said she was referred by their doctor to see our consultant. Taking the sting out from her distress in not seeing the doctor, I asked her to sit and we talked.

The exchange was brief but I learned a lot from her life story. Our visitor was a health worker doing the errand in assisting her mother as she is familiar with the trade. This has been her job for quite some time, to augment the family income since her husband is a tradesman.

She has three children, her eldest daughter is in high school, and the remaining two are still in grades school. I might have said something to make her laugh, the least I can do to ease out the weight knowing where she come from. I felt for her and her mother, especially knowing the hospital the services it offers.

She was on her feet to leave, but something is irking me to help her, I kept asking myself, "What can I offer to this poor woman? There must be something I can offer to allay whatever pains she has.

My eyes caught the papers she was holding and noticed it was crumpled, "AHA". Now I know what I can offer her, so I went to my drawer, grabbed a piece of short brown envelope, and gave it to her. Then I said, "Ma'am this is for you, it's the slightest

I can offer. I hope this will help." She smiled with tears in her eyes and said, "Oh, thank you very much" then she started to tell her sad stories and the burdens that she is carrying and continued crying. I was impressed to tell her this, "Ma'am, Take your burdens to the Lord, and leave it there." I cannot explain why I said that because I got that line from a song I used to watch Fridays and Saturdays. She smiled again and said a few words then went her way. I feel blessed for that tiny moment with her; I just hope that I made her world a little better.

I made some preparations before I left my post, still thinking of that pitiable woman and her mother. Then it came to me that one way of showing that you care to a stranger is by whispering a prayer to the Lord. (Mat. 11:28). Giving God her burden and intend to leave it there.

I can feel the helplessness of the woman, the burden in her heart that it was certain and heavy as it marked her face. However, I never thought that a short brown envelope would lighten things for her. I never saw that woman again until I heard someone called me Sir, and when I turned around. It was that woman I met several months ago wearing a smile of hope. I can sense that something changed her; her countenance is radiant, like Moses when he came down from the mountain talking his God in a burning bush but never consumed. His countenance was change for he had seen the glory of God. Just like this poor woman. "How are doing sir?" She asked me. Her happy face seemed catching because I was happy to see her as well. She said, "Sir, my mom is with the Lord right now. She passed away a week after we talked few months ago.

I felt sad also that her beloved mother parted, the old and worn-out warrior is finally at peace. She almost cried again while telling me that they do not have money anymore, they approach all the government agencies to help them with their finances. They were drained both physically and financially.

I can speak about to that because I too lost a mother. With an inspiration I told her," heaven is ready for her, we will go to see her again when Jesus will come, soon". "Sir, please come with me in a second, I would like to meet you my sister". I was happy to see her pregnant sister. "I wonder what happened to the short brown envelop that I gave her?" I ask myself with a grin.

Difficulties in life are foreseeable, The best part of life is not just surviving but thriving with passion and compassion, humor and style paired with generosity and kindness.


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