Where's Harvey?

By Kay Heitsch • February 24, 2018

Yesterday was our 49th Wedding Anniversary. We thought it would be fun to surprise our best man, Harvey*. We hadn't seen him in 49 years.

Over the years we've moved many times between 4 states and we always had unlisted phone numbers. We'd think of Harvey from time to time wondering where he was and how he was doing.

Finally, last year I got online and much to my surprise Harvey had a business near us. One day we stopped at his business but he had just left. Yesterday, we went over again. Sure enough, he had been there earlier but was now gone.

We decided to try and find Harvey's home. After a few wild goose chases, we found his home on a dead end road. As we drove up to this very lovely home I saw signs "guard dogs" on location. I wasn't about to get out but Bill did and rang the doorbell. No one answered.

We started back down this dirt road and saw an SUV coming towards us. We slowed down and Bill said, "If that SUV goes straight ahead we're turning around." Sure enough, it did!

We turned around and Bill got out and rang the bell again. A man came to the door. After Bill asking him a few questions, Harvey said, "Is this you, Bill? I've been thinking about you. I've tried to find you over the years."

This would not be an understatement to say that Harvey and his wife were overwhelmed to see us. When we told them that we had used Harvey's middle name Yale for our son, Todd's middle name tears came to his eyes.

It was a great day and we're planning to go out to dinner with them soon!

*Harvey was a nickname.


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