12-year-old Girls With Hearts Of Gold

By Allie • January 27, 2018

My name is Allie and I’m twelve years old. I know you’re probably thinking that I’m a kid who has no purpose to be here but trust me, I know what I’m doing. My friend and I were at school one day when this guy was telling us how he didn’t have enough money to buy lunch from the school. We put together out spare change and whatnot and came up with just enough for him to buy lunch. After he walked away my friend and I got to talking and realized that a lot of kids at our school didn’t have lunch money. The next day my friend and I put all of our saved up money (about $20) into an empty coffee can. We talked to our school counselor and told her that we wanted to get a bunch of money and put money on kids accounts who didn’t have enough. She agreed to look into it but I’m pretty sure she thought we wouldn’t follow through with it because we only had 2 weeks until our Christmas deadline we had set for ourselves. We both did a lot of work over the next two weeks by cleaning grinders, mowing lawns, shoveling driveways, etc. at the end we expected $200 at the most. We got a big surprise when we counted it all up and had a grand total of, drumroll please..... $938!! We put $100 on 9 kids account and the other 38 dollars on the guy who had given us our inspiration. Living in a small town where word travels fast it wasn’t long before a bunch of people knew about it. Us, being twelve didn’t really expect anything out of it but apparently it was a big deal.


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