A Young Grocery Store Cashier's Act Of Kindness

By Charis Hope Hansen • January 17, 2018

I have a wonderful story about this young man, Connor, at the Cedar Falls HyVee. He was helping a family in front of me that was scraping pennies (literally) and only had less than $3 on their EBT card, the change was on the conveyor belt and rolled down under the counter. He tried his hardest to get them all. He asked them again how much they had left on their card(EBT), which was less than $3. As he was counting it all out he knew they didn’t have enough-he got his own wallet out and put $2 in so they could get the few items they had got. When he did it, he did it like it was no big deal. This young man went above and beyond for this customer and I would love to see this man be recognized for an outstanding employee. What an act of selflessness and kindness to help someone less fortunate.


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