Breaking Free

By Alabama • December 22, 2017

I broke up with my boyfriend today. Someone who I'd wanted to be with for 3 years. Someone who I prayed to God about on more than one occasion. Someone whom I used to cry tears of happiness over when I realized that I'd actually ended up with them. Someone whom, in the end, broke my heart.

He turned out to be, how would one put it? Emotionally abusive. It took me 7 months to realize it and 5 months to break free from it. But you know what? I did it :) I turned down the possibility of a family. The possibility of children. The possibility of marriage, all for my sanity, respect and self worth. For once, I chose myself. I identified manipulative behaviour, looked past my misplaced feelings of guilt and pulled the plug once and for all. Saying that this feeling is liberating is explaining it incorrectly. It's so so much more powerful than that. And I love the Lord to thank.


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