Hope... Of A Beautiful Tomorrow

By Gayathri.M • December 13, 2017

She stared at her reflection in the mirror...beyond the bouncy curls and dimpled cheeks,there were her eyes,filled with apprehension and a sense of anticipation...would she able to face her fears with courage and overcome them? She had no answer at the moment...but one thing was for sure...it was time to show the whole world..and most importantly to show herself what she was truly capable of!

We all have our own set of fears...whether it may be those scary dark rooms or those frightful ghosts under our bed, every person has some or the other fear,which make their hearts beat faster and body shiver! Though we mostly do a pretty good job of hiding them from the outside world, deep down we all know that those fears have always been there.

We can hide from them...but for how long and till when? The only remedy for this is to have the courage to face our fears...look at them straight in the eye and remove them once and for all! But this is more easier said than done. Sometimes we feel,maybe we aren't capable of achieving certain things or that few things are possibly beyond our reach. It is at this time that few special people enter our lives and open doors that we never realized existed...through their immense love and constant support, we discover our true inner self and achieve things we never realized we were capable of. They are always there for us...their loving hand which holds us in times of trouble and gives us a sense of confidence and support. With their encouragement,we can face all our fears and can achieve anything!

So, it's time to show our fears that we aren't scared of them anymore!


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