I Love When They Say It Is Not Possible

By CHS • December 4, 2017

For me one of the biggest joy is to succeed in something to which others told, it is not possible. Several years ago i really longed for a certain position, and i worked hard for it, but i did not get. I clearly remember when one of my previous bosses told me: "you lack leadership skills and that is why we chose somebody else." A year later I got a very nice recognition from an organization called Toastmasters for my voluntary work. The recognition was for my outstanding leadership skills which i testified in the organization as an area director, and i got it from the president of the organisation. One of my first thoughts was that sentence from the earlier boss. He made an incredible positive impact on me unintentionally. From that point on, i am convinced that if people say that i lack of this, that, or that it is useless, it not possible, you can not do, i always remember this story, and i smile, because i know that it is possible. Since then i literally collect negative statements or expressions telling that something is not possible, because i know that when i reach my goals, it is a much bigger joy than in the case when everybody would say, "..yes buddy, go for it, it is dead-easy, everybody can be a CEO!" Now I am a CEO and founder.

I would like to ask you to prove others wrong who do not believe in you. There is no bigger joy than that.


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