Purposeless Life

By Job Lazarus Okello • November 10, 2017

**Are you living your life for Christ?**

You may live a purposeless life unless you live it for Him. I challenge you to check you life right now. You were created to do an assignment on earth-which assignment you will only do if you live your life in Christ and for Him. You are not an accident; but a person on a divine mission. With your gift, you are meant to carryout this assignment. Everyone has a different assignment and hence no one can ever do your assignment for you. You gotta do that yourself and if you don't have Christ, then you are surely gonna live a purposeless life. You are gifted in your own ways and your gift doesn't depend on other people. It's between you and your maker. You therefore have to discover your gift which is your tool for carrying out your divine assignment.

#Bottom line: Live your life for Christ. The greatest tragedy in life is not death but life without a purpose. Discover your purpose today......

Peace be with you my great friend. Love you......


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