By Celestia Barby • November 1, 2017

Bricks and stone that's what some people call there home,

Unaware of the beauty of life and just creating a mess in order to survive.

Time and dedication it takes to build your dreams, and if you are unaware of nature you will never believe.

Believe in the power of your soul.

Believe in the power of what your mind can hold.

Believe in way your eyes can see.

Believe in strength your mind can be.

Each day you have a gift to find your real soul and create elements in your brain that will make you whole,

Now repeat after me:

I want to Survive to be the best.

I want to Survive to be the fittest.

I want to survive to help others.

I want to survive to serve the world.

Your soul and spirit is needed in this world and you are born for a reason, create your reason why and never give in your mission to survive.

Life is now in-brace it - live it and believe in it……


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