Use Hurdles To Your Advantage

By Modudupup • October 28, 2017

I'm 18 and got my flu shot today. The nurse who vaccinated me was also 18 but dropped out of high school when she got pregnant at 16.

There is more than one way to live a fulfilling life.

I'm an 18 year old honors student with a 4.3 GPA and a near perfect SAT, but I have only held short summer jobs.

She's an 18 year old who had to drop out of high school, but she is already a nurse and studying to get her Bachelor's and RN certification.

She looks mature, confident, and like she has her life together. I am still dependent on my parents, and have the confidence of an awkward middle schooler.

Don't let your hurdles hinder you. Use them to your advantage. Create your own definition of success, and do what it takes to get there.


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