Always Look Forward

By SL • October 21, 2017

I know it's a human thing to look back at the things in life that we sometimes, if not always regret. Whether it's doing drugs, to getting to know someone, to date someone, to be with someone, we all have regrets, we're not perfect.

So many people look back at life, at their regrets, saying how they regret doing this, or talking to that person, or getting to know that girl/guy, I used to be one of those people, heck i still am, it's a battle, for anyone.

So, look forward, move forward, and think about what's coming, and not what left.

Many of us are still young and have so much to look forward to in life, and whether you can't see something good happen in the near future, it doesn't mean it won't. Each step we take, we slightly or dramatically change our future, each word we speak, we influence the people around us, the setting around us.

Remember, if we look back whilst we're walking, we'll crash or bump into things we could see coming if we were looking forward.

So, look forward, admire what is coming, face the challenges that appear, overcome obstacles and kick negativity in the ass.


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