You Are Inspiration

By Matthew Collinson • October 13, 2017

Every person has a chance to inspire those around them. Each person that come and go from our lives whether a one second stranger or a life time family member is going to see something from us. What they take from us is our choice. To make this world a better place let us focus our minds to only have a positive and loving influence. That influence will have a butterfly affect unlike any other because it comes from you.

This universe that we live allows us to create such wonderful things all around us. Let us begin with a smile. When you smile at someone something happens and in most cases, you will receive a smile back. It doesn’t stop there. They then decide that they will smile at someone, a stranger, a friend, a co-worker or a boss. This changes that life in the most positive direction. When we approach life from a positive, loving way a new reality is created.

You have just changed this universe in a positive direction. Let us take this one step further. What if you see someone struggling and you help them. If each person could take just a few minutes today to help someone, set them on a better path, this entire world would change for the positive. When I had children, I decided that I would change this world for the better. The best way for me has been through writing and I have affected many lives in a positive direction by showing ways they could achieve their dreams and become more like their higher selves want to be. You do this every day.

By being yourself and teaching people through your everyday actions makes you an inspiring individual. Remember that you are an inspiring person. Take that power that you have within and share it with the world in the most loving way that you know how. If you are reading this it is because you are already looking for a positive view of the world. Sunny Skyz is a platform of positivity trying to change the world in the most positive way. You are looking for the positive way. Be the positive way sharing that beautiful smile you were given.

There are obstacles in the world. Let those obstacles be your opportunity to shine. If you see a change that needs to be made, choose to make that change. Show people all around you how it is done. The power of social media allows each of us to do great things and share those great things. Do you always have to share the great things you do? No. Sometimes those great things you do are just for you and those in your direct field of vision. That is beautiful. Be a beautiful human being.


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