Coffee And Hot Buttered Biscuits

By Katie Lee • October 13, 2017

Two miles back down the road I smelled the freshly brewed coffee. The drive-through window lady always knew to put in three extra sugars and four creams. I could almost taste the hot buttered biscuits, as I pulled into the lot. I wondered why it was not packed. Well, it was Monday morning. I also reasoned that the sky was cloudy. It was still early. So, I waited.

In the wait, I maximized the moments by applying fresh mascara. Between the dark strokes I noticed there were only two cars in line, and in front of me was a stalled car. Just what I needed, I murmured. I had only minutes to arrive at the Baseball field, where I worked. Unexpectedly, an anxious, nervous stranger hurried out of the stalled car toward me. She was in tears. Apologetically the stranger asked me to drive around her car. Observing her helpless situation, I felt a great deal of compassion. But who was I? I certainly was no mechanic; besides I was almost late for sure. My thoughts went wild. So far, I had a perfect attendance record. The baseball parking lot would be filled by the time I would arrive. Even worse, I could bump into my boss in the elevator, who might direct me back out the door.

But it seemed that God was directing me in a very strange way. My car radio blasted my favorite song but I turned down. Being a Christian for several years taught me to pray and listen to God in difficult circumstances. Suddenly, I felt impressed to help the lady. Maybe witness the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Surely not. I felt a little unsure, but I asked her if she would like me to pray for her car to start. She quickly agreed. Afterwards, I thought, wow that felt good. She gave her heart to Jesus right there in the drive-through on that damp, dreary Monday. Soon afterward, she began to weep with joy and then speak with a new confidence. She bravely turned and asked the on-lookers to help push the car out of the drive-through line.

Before leaving, I pushed a check into her purse, to help with the much-needed car repairs. Later that day she called to thank me for everything. She was bubbling over with excitement. She also said “several people had hurried around her that morning,” but no one had stopped to offer help. As we talked, enthusiastically, I shared scriptures from the bible with her (Romans 10:9) and (Matthew 18:18-20) that someone had directed me to a few years back, when I had car trouble.

I learned that we all have spiritual assignments to help others, even on damp, dreary mornings. Hopefully my craving for coffee and hot buttered biscuits will direct me every morning.


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