Dad Lives Six Years And Was Only Given 14 Months To Live

By Tonya • October 13, 2017

My father was diagnosed with brain cancer (glioblastoma) which is the fastest growing cancer known and was given 14 months to live back in 2011.  He is still alive and doing well. His name is Clark Turner and with his wife Carol they have five foster kids that they take care of - also they have raised their granddaughter from birth and she is now 18.

Well now I will tell the story when the doctor came into the room and sat at the end of the bed and told my dad the bad news but he didn't get upset, he just calmly sat up and said to the doctor 'I'm not going to die.' He looked at that doctor and said 'I will one day watch my granddaughter walk across the stage at graduation' and she has now graduated.

The day she graduated she looked at him and said 'you can't die on me now' and crying he said 'what?' and she then told him 'now you have to walk me down the aisle on my wedding day'.

He smiled and said I will be there for that. And he was (pictured).


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