Divine Romance

By Wendy • October 6, 2017

They knew, they both knew without eye contact they knew. she could feel him looking at her, it seemed he looked right thru her, what did he see? he watched her as she danced to the music he played. he knew she was the one. as she danced she looked up on the stage and their eyes met.she knew him like she knew herself , he was the missing piece that would complete her soul, a twin it could not be denied. time just stood still it was divine, the universe had spoke and they were listening. the show was quickly over and she wondered how she could possibly leave this man knowing every fiber in her body yearned for him and they were meant to be together.

They drifted in and out of one another's lives, marragies. children, divorces, but they never forgot that magical day and both of them knew the universe would one day bring them together. they ran into each other on occasion, exchanging glances full of all the things they wished to say to one another. life went on. then one day she moved into the city tired of being isolated and craving companionship she made the move. low an behold doesn't she find out that also lives in the same city. she was pleased as she thought it may bring more frequent sightings of her beautiful man, she had decided when moving back to the city that this time she was going to tell him how she felt.

One full moon evening in oct she decided to go down to the ebay for a walk, slight chill in the air however the cool air was refreshing. she went on a walk about as with every walk she thought about him. the boats in the bay were lit up as was the art in the park. Up ahead in the distance she could see someone, was it him? she looked again it is him. it was him! she decided to approach him as she just could not contain the love she had inside that she wanted to share with him. as she approached him he felt her, slowly turned and with an outstretched hand he asked her to be his wife...this was it this would be the moment she had waited and dreamed about for so very long. She said yes, so overjoyed and full of love. in that moment they knew they needed no one to tell them that they would be completely and utterly committed to one another. They walked down to the water.they wrote their names in the sand, kissed. this was the happily ever beginning...


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