Sisters...The Perfect Best Friends!

By Gayathri M • September 29, 2017

It was 4 a.m. Anybody in her place would have been in a deep sleep. But not her...she was waiting with anticipation for the news.Her wave of thoughts were interrupted by the shrill sound of the telephone. Her heart skipped a beat as she picked it up. All her anxieties and fears were put to an end as her father on the other end happily said," You have a baby sister!" She was on cloud nine all the way to the hospital. On reaching the hospital,she saw her mother,her face radiant and glowing, all pain of the surgery forgotten. Finally the tiny little bundle of love for which she had prayed to God for all her life was carefully placed in her hands. At that moment she realized that she had finally elder sister. She solemnly promised to take care of her sister...forever.

Ten years down the lane, when she realized that her school project was missing and found it under her sister's bed, covered with drawings made by permanent marker,she wished she could take back her promise!

Of all the relationships that we have in life, the bond that we share with our sister is perhaps the most special's filled with fights and at the same time, immense love. Despite all the fights, she will be the person who will keep you awake all night with her silly jokes, be at your side when you need her and the first person to go "take care" of anyone who dares to be rude to you! She's the first person you go to for advice,the first person you share your happiness with and the one who will always be there for you,no matter what!

Family is not always about blood, it's about who's willing to hold your hand when you need it the most. There are many people who appear in our life and occupy a very special place in our heart... God who has given us beautiful sisters by birth, has also given us some very special sisters by choice! They are God's blessing in our life. They can make us smile, comfort us during hard times and love us more than we love ourselves...

Lots of people can make us smile in life...but it takes someone truly special to make us smile with tears in our eyes!So let us all take some time to appreciate these blessings God has given us and enjoy our crazy,sweet relationship with our sisters forever!


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