Enjoying Every Day Chores

By Kay Heitsch • September 27, 2017

Yesterday at Planet Fitness John said something that got my attention. He said, "Kay, the way some people view work we see as another way to exercise." You know, that is exactly how I think.

Whenever I shovel, mow, clean, or anything else that some people consider work I do view as exercise. I don't know when I started to think like this, but it has helped me enjoy my every day life more.

I don't always 'feel' like shoveling etc, but when I think of the benefits it makes it much more enjoyable. When work needs to be done I try to always think about the calories I will be burning too.

I feel great almost everyday! I attribute this to my personal time with the Lord, plus my attitude towards any kind of 'work' that I can view as exercise and the benefits I gain.

Life is short so I aim on enjoying, even everyday chores, because I know they are helping me live a healthier life.


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