Soul Song Of New Age Children

By Sonia Kaur • September 18, 2017

Sai Baba Channeling 2-25-2015

We spoke again with the Universal energy that calls itself Sai Baba this week. A group of four gathered. He said, "I have come today to turn on a great river of Love..."

The message were the following:

It is great looking at people who are looking to me for their Higher Purpose rather than asking for things.

You can rebuild your Life on another dimension. The healing of disease, relationships, and finances will start when you start practicing compassion and giving things to people who need it.

If you give with your own hand, the burden of karma will be lightened much faster.

You should empty your closets of all that you don't need and give it to someone who needs it. The letting go will allow the Universal energy to flow through you once again.

The Higher Purpose is to spread light in the darkness. Not having food, not having health is darkness. When you stretch your hand, you are helping people and your own diseases and your Life will be healed.

In regard to wealth, spiritual Siddhis and Gifts he said:

The Power is never in the Gifts which you have.

The power is in the Soul. You are the bottle and the gifts take that shape, which you are.

You should think of using Gifts to decide the following, what is the karma you are going to erase and what is the karma you are going to build in this lifetime.

Humans have forgotten that they are Divine Beings. That is why they are breaking down everywhere. They must return to the Soul.

True love is when you keep extending compassion, although you are not getting it...start with your family first. Compassion doe not mean allowing others to walk on you, use you or abuse you. It is with the self first.

You are here to be a blessing to each other and to everyone else by extending compassion. The key to healing is in YOUR hand. Life and Karmas heal when you start giving with joy and from the heart, Karmas are erased and replaced.

One day you will come to know that every cell in your body has taken birth with a special calling. You all have a special reason for being here.

In terms of medications he said, Doctors will tell you this and that about hormones and brain chemicals, but you have the power to change what kind of chemicals your body will release.

In term as of Worship, Life, and Death he said:

Don't worry about merging with the Light. Worry about karma. Refine the Intention within your heart. Your Life will heal when you begin to heal others with your Intention and actions.

Were you afraid of being born? Why are you afraid of death? It is a process, a continuity, nothing else...

He instructed one woman to begin reading stories to children in slums. By doing that she would heal her inner child and become childlike and joyful again. He told her that she will be writing stories for children in the future.

He talked further about Ashrams and religious organizations:

No human being should become a crutch to another. People cling to a person or a place, an and stay stuck spiritually. We were meant to flow and give the Gifts, not stagnate in a pond by sticking to a Guru or Ashram.

Without Joy, you cannot progress or do anything useful. Joy is the state of connection to higher meaning and what is done in a state of JOY will always be meaningful. Do things out of a sense of JOY, not duty.

So many will chant Sai Sai and murder another, beat their wife, or be insensitive to suffering around them. This clinging to the Guru is insulting the Guru and the discipleship.

USE the energy to transform lives and to change everything around you. It doesn't help to invoke it by chanting and then store it in a closet, piling bags of chanting and prayer. USE the energy for compassionate action in society.

Water cannot flow in a pipe that has been clogged. If you do not clear your history, your karmic backlog, emotional and thought blockages, then whatever is waiting for you from a higher plane cannot be manifested.

To find your calling, ask yourself, What is it that you would do that would give you peace of mind if you knew that you had only three months to live? That is your higher calling.

I am not here to change people's Destiny. They will change it with their own actions. I am here to guide and they will rewrite their own stories, their own karma, by practicing compassion and giving.

I am the energy that manifests within you when you begin to do the things that I was born for. - Sai Baba

Mana, author Soul Song of new age children (2015)


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