Lessons Of Life

By Gayathri M • September 18, 2017

She was falling through the sky...like a tiny feather in the air...but the beaming smile on her face was unmistakable...for she knew, from the strong arms that caught her and held her close,her father would always be there to catch her. Trust,the foundation of a true relationship,was clearly expressed in the little girl's eyes.

In a world where smart phones are a necessity and money, a necessary commodity, people are forgetting the true meaning of relationships. Relationships are made these days,with selfishness and jealousy at their roots. But is this the kind of relation which will bring us true happiness?

One of the most purest of all relationships is between a mother and her child. There are no expectations,no desires...just a feeling of mutual love and happiness between both of them. The beautiful bonding that God has created between a mother and her child is a feeling... that words fail to express.It is made up of trust and complete faith in each other.

It is this trust that must be brought into each relationship of our's in life...and suddenly our life will turn out to be much more happier and meaningful. Because at the end of the day, a smartphone is only just a piece of metal and money, a bunch of colored papers that may be there today and gone the next ,but relationships are forever. Neither the colored papers nor the piece of metal can replace the comforting hand that supports us during the tough times in life.

So let us start adding fragrance into our relationships and make the world a happier place to live. All it takes is a little smile!


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