Truck Stop Restroom

By Kay Heitsch • September 6, 2017

Several years ago I took a trip with my husband in a big 18 wheeler. This was a trip I will never forget!

One very special memory took place in a truck stop restroom of all places. We were parked and I was relaxing, knitting some cell phone bags.

I looked up from my knitting and noticed a woman carrying some shirts on hangers going into the truck stop. I knew she must be traveling with her husband.

I told Bill I was going in and giving her one of these cell phone bags I had made with a Bible verse inside.

As I walked into the restroom I handed her one of my knitted bags and we began talking. She asked me, "Do you know why I travel with my husband?" Of course I didn't so I answered, "No, why?" With tears in her eyes she replied, "Because I can't stand to be alone in our home since my son died." I gave her a big understanding hug and told her that my son,Todd, had died too.

With a look of astonishment after hearing my son,Todd, had also died she asked, "Can I tell you about my son,Jimmy? I have never been able to talk to anyone about him because I knew they would never understand. But I know you will." I assured her I was there to listen to whatever she wanted to share.

As we were leaving the restroom her husband had come in and was waiting outside of the door. With tears in her eyes she hugged him and said, "God sent this woman here for me today. I was finally able to tell someone about our Jimmy who would understand."

I was blessed to be able to listen to this woman's story. You just never know the difference you can make in someone's life even in a truck stop restroom.


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