By Podge Brady • September 5, 2017

The doorbell rang early one morning, just as I was about to take a shower. Oh no , I thought,and tried to ignore it. Three times the bell went, someone obviously needed me so I gave in reluctantly put on a dressing gown and went to answer the door. To my surprise it was my daughter, holding an hysterical two year old in her arms and with her five year old obviously upset at her brother's state. It turned out that he had trapped his little fingers in the car window! Ouch!

My first reaction was one of guilt, I should have answered the door immediately, then I saw all the car doors left wide open on the drive so went out to close them all. When I returned I was not sure which one of the three was the most upset! I instinctively put out both my arms, and crouching down to the two year old's level, said in my grandmother's soothing, loving voice, " Come to Nana darling, come to Nana" he came unhesitatingly and what a joy it was to give comfort and a super-loving cuddle to that oh so precious little boy. I urged my daughter to continue taking the five year old to school, I would look after him. It was not long before sobs subsided and we could examine the two red marks the incident had left on his little fingers.

Later in the day I was taking Holy Communion to one of our parishioners who was housebound. I was reading the gospel of the day to her, Matthew 11 v 28 "Come to me ........" As clear as anything, the morning's incident was brought into my mind and I distinctly felt God telling me, " That is how I love you, and long to comfort you, just as you did your grandson.." and the "come to me, God said, was said in exactly the same way I had said it to my grandson. I finished the reading and spent the rest of the day" floating" in the realisation of how real, immense, and earthly was God's incredible love for us. I thank God for the experience he gifted to me.


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