Here And Now!

By Anjali Mohapatra • September 5, 2017

I was overwhelmed by the sight of Shimla, when we landed! Wherever I looked, I could only see a layer of pure, white, snow! The scenery was captivating! It was beyond my imagination for that was first time I could feel the cool breeze of the great Himalayan range! I had never been to any hill station! It was simply incredible for me! I was so fascinated that immediately I asked my wife,'Hey, how you feel? Doesn’t it look amazing?’

'Yes…yes it is beautiful! But...wait a minute, my phone is ringing,' she answered and started searching for her phone.

'I told you to keep your phone mute, at least for sometime. Don't you want peace?'

'No, no, that's not the point. I am really worried about Milly! She has her first interview today. God knows, what will she do!’ replied my wife.

I stopped further inquiry and called her to sit near by me. For fifteen minutes, we both remained silent. Then I broke the silence, said, 'Look to the far left. Can you see those people skiing? Would you like to try? Shall we go there?'

'What??? Are you crazy? I don't know the abc of skiing, why should I go? You go, you may enjoy the game. I will be watching you. Go...go,' she tried to push me a little.

I pointed towards a distant place, where the trainer was guiding some young boys and girls on skirt looked as if it was a thrilling experience, I wanted to try it out. ‘Don’t you like it? Come on..have fun! Forget the phone calls! If you will be occupied with the same problems, how will you enjoy the beauty of this place?’

She changed the tone of her voice instantly and said, ' it's okay. I am enjoying! I am very happy! Actually, when we left home, our maid was asking for thousand rupees. I think, in a hurry I gave her three five hundred notes but she didn't return me the extra money. Now I am thinking when I will ask her about the extra, she may not agree. You know what? I left my cupboard key on the table. All my jewellery are there. I am really, really worried!!!

I became silent for a moment. I realised that whatever I said a few minutes ago, she didn’t understand the depth of my words! I tried my best but failed, she was busy in her own thoughts! We looked at the other tourists those who were fully enjoying the hill site!

Few experts were showing off their skills in an amazing style. It was truly beautiful! The climate was so chilly, I felt as if our over-coats were not sufficient enough to protect us from cold. We had nothing to do except watching other people's funny game. I don't know, perhaps we sat there for two and half hours. I just remembered in what difficulty I granted my leave from my office in a hope that at least three, four days outings would relax my wife and my heavy stressful life too!

So far I remembered that for the first time we were in a hill station, so obviously, she would be very happy! But, I didn't notice that happiness on her face. Every time her mind was busy in something or other. At last, we came back to our hotel.

It was almost 6:45 p.m. On the way, we decided to have some hot tea. I thought that back to hotel so early had no meaning, so better to pass time in a restaurant and then after dinner, we would be back to our reserved place. Within that tea time, she barely talked to me. She was as usual busy in her phone calls. Suddenly she said, ‘Hey, you know what? Our Silky (their pet dog) is not eating properly. Maybe, he is not well. I don’t know what to be done for his health!’

I said nothing, only grunted myself. However, time ran quickly and we headed towards the dinning table. The dining hall was almost full. We took a corner seat from where we could have our privacy and at the same time could enjoy the beautiful out side view. As per our order, the food was served. Both of us started eating leisurely.

Once again, I noticed she was grumbling something. I was bound to ask her,'What's wrong now? Not good? Should I order something else?'

‘No, no! It’s o.k but very oily! Home made food is much better than this!’

From that time onwards, I kept silent because I concluded that she couldn’t escape from her thought. We finished our food, then came back to the lodging house. I had no more patience to ask her about her enjoyment!

Eventually, our vacation was over and we were back to the same square, daily routine! But one thing I realised that what may come, if you are not ready to make your mind free from other worries which always whirl around you, it is impossible for some one to give you happiness, even if you would be served heavenly things! It is nothing but the mind set what makes you bored or delightful!’

‘Am I right?’ This question lodged in my mind again and again but there was no one to answer!

Same thing happened to my wife! She was not free from her preoccupied thoughts, how could she enjoy the beauty of a beautiful thing???

It’s not you or me or somebody else, every single person in this earth is busy in his or her own thoughts! Mind is chattering all the time. Nobody can stop it, because it is an involuntary action. But at least we can control it! Perhaps, if we follow ‘here and now’ principle, we can enjoy our life amidst of thousands of trouble!!!

Past is gone, we can not get it back, future is future…nobody has’s beyond our least the present which is ‘here and now’, we can enjoy it!!!


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