Same Difference

By Jodi-Ann E.M. Morgan • October 18, 2013

I was looking at a picture recently and noticed there was something different. The frame was changed. The overall picture still looked good but I couldn't decide whether or not changing the frame made it better.

From this an interesting thought came to mind. At times when I was feeling down I would go to my favourite store to spend money on clothes ... alright, alright, maybe I spent it on other things as well [they say confession is good for the soul :-) ].

I think because I have a love for fashion I would feel 'good' however, the feeling was always a fleeting one. Why? Because doing this didn't address nor resolve the real issue at hand. What I needed to do was to pay attention to what was bothering me on the inside instead of trying to mask my problems by making changes on the outside. I was changing the frame but the picture on the inside was still the same.

We may change the colour of our hair or even buy new clothes, and there is nothing wrong with doing this once in a while, but, if it is being done for the wrong reasons it may not make a difference with how we really feel. If you sense there is something wrong, try to change THAT; this way you will truly feel better on the inside. Praying to God, spending time with family, having a conversation with a friend, or even letting your pen bleed your innermost feelings can be very curative. Eventually, the resulting peace and joy will surface on the outside. This way, not only will you be better able to enjoy your life but also display colourful images of love and positivity for others to see and emulate for themselves.

So, when necessary, don't just change the frame, change the picture. Getting a new picture may be difficult and may take time; however, with the ultimate "Painter" in control it can be accomplished. In the end, playing your part in building a museum of even more fine art in this world would be worth it!


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