Love Has No Limits

By Author Vivian D. Lewis • July 31, 2017

Showing compassion for others is the main ingredient for love and respect. ~ Author Vivian D. Lewis

The weather was cold and the skies were gray, I drove down a long narrow road with Boris, my old high school buddy. He lived alone in a wooded area with no neighbors within close distance. I could not understand why he lived in a secluded area when he was an outgoing person and loved being with people all the time. He was the star of the group and treated everybody with kindness, no conditions added.

After graduation I went into the Navy and became successful, I lost touch with my buddy. Ten years later I was standing in the line at the grocery store and saw a man that resembled Boris. I did not think the man that I saw was him because he was blind in one eye and had deep scars on his face. I kept looking at him and he said “what are you staring at”. I politely said “sir I’m very sorry but may I ask “is your name Boris”? He replied by saying “why, who wants to know”? After checking out I waited for him outside the store and said “my name is Lloyd, you and I used to best buds from high school”.

I could tell he could not see me cause he turned the opposite way so I turned around and said “Boris this is Lloyd, remember me, we used to be the best of friends, what happened to you”? He replied by saying “I don’t know who you are but it really is not your business who I am. I knew that was him and I was not about to let him get away from me again. I asked him where he lived because I wanted to keep in touch with him. He answered with a sarcastic type speech and said “I don’t want to be bothered and I don’t like people so leave me alone”. I did not believe what I was hearing because he used to be a very kind and caring person.

The man got in his car and sped off and as he started down the street his car started smoking and then stopped. I got in my car and rushed to him and said “let me help you”. He said “who are you”? I then said “this is Lloyd your old high school friend, I just saw you in the store. I will help you get your car home, where do you live”. He said “sir, I don’t know why you are being so nice to me because I don’t like people and I don’t like you either”. I told him “you must have had a hard time since you left school and someone hurt you but I guarantee you I’m not one of those people. My job in life is to help anyone that is in need and today I see you are the one I need to help”. After a brief pause of silence Boris said “I can’t stand people because they don’t treat me right”. I then said “let’s get you and your car home and then we can catch up, it has been a long time”.

We arrived to his home and I paid the wrecker service, he did not charge extra for traveling the long distance. I could not believe Boris lived away from the connection of neighbors. I asked him why he lived so far out and his reply was “because I don’t want to be bothered and as I told you before I don’t like people”. I then told him that he must humble his heart and allow people to help him. Not every person is the same and there are human beings that are still faithful and humble, in the world. I also said please do not let your previous life cause you bitterness, let people love you and allow yourself the ability to love others. Do something good for someone and you will see that your happiness will return.

As I was leaving, I asked him how did he become blind in his eye and his reply was “I got hurt trying to help someone that needed help and they did not even show any kindness toward me after I lost my eye. I became angry and bitter after that and said I would never help anyone again. It’s been many years since I spoke to anyone, my family do not know where I am. I told him that I was his buddy from high school and that he will always have me to call in the time of need. I also asked him if it would be alright for me to contact his mother cause she must be wondering where he is. His reply was “she probably thinks I’m dead”. I then said “now that you know you are loved, take this money and go show someone else some love. This is going to be a reunion and a new beginning, thanks bud”!


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