Circle Of Life

By Ndivhuwo Madzivhandila • July 15, 2017

Have you ever stayed silent for a moment and observed life?

What I saw was a world revolving itself, literally recycling over and over again.

Human shares their life experiences of which was there before.

We go through hardships, pain in different color of the paint but still was something that has been existing even before us.

Yet we still cry, panic, fear where else our forefather had to live in same environment as we are.

Believe you me the generation to come will exist in the same world of ours, but only if we pave their ways in truth to change their brains.

How so? We should start living in truth.

What is the truth?, the WORD itself says i'm the truth for it never changes but stays the same.

'Remember our parents would stick their noses in our so called "businesses"?', Yes! They really knew life is repeating itself.

What matters now is that we know.

When you see time you see life and when you see life you'll recognize time!

I'm pretty sure I am giving a gift that has been unwrapped before, but it will still touch one heart.

Do not stop until God says so.


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