Life Is Good No Matter What The Odds

By Ernest Dempsey • October 15, 2013

This fall, Special Living Magazine ( chose to publish my story about Canadian author and advocate for people with special needs Jewel Kats. And they made it the cover story!

Jewel Kats stands out from the crowd of writers due to her devotion to help empower young readers through her uplifting stories. Herself living with permanent physical limitation due to a childhood car accident, Kats progressed in life by her positive view of life, and her unfaltering faith in doing good and helping others.

Among her seven books, Cinderella's Magical Wheelchair has won great acclaim, including the Mom’s Choice Awards 2013 in the category Children's Picture Books: Inspirational/Motivational.

Seeing Kats on the cover of Special Living Magazine kid of reinforces my own belie in the power of good. Hers is a living example that life is what you make of it. It can be good and empowered no matter what your physical limitations.

The fall 2013 issue of the magazine is online at


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