A Nice Thing In Line Today

By Genmischief • June 12, 2017

I had a day off, so I went to Starbucks to get my wife a coffee and take it to her office. I handle their IT (non profit) so I needed to go anyway.

So the drive through is literally blocking street traffic it is so backed up, leading me to park next door and waddle my fat but down the street and into the stop. I get in line.

A lady in a local business work uniform is in front of me. This line reflects the drive through outside, its stupid long. We get about 5 people from the front, and she realizes "I left my list in the car." She gets out of line to go get it. She gets back at the end of the line... I call her back up to where we were and take her place at the end of the line. I told her I had a day off and didnt have to be anywhere, and I had figured her coworkers were biting steel and chewing leather waiting on their caffeine fix...

So I waddle to the back of the line. No biggie.

When I got to the lady at the machine to order my wife's coffee, it was revealed that the lady I swapped with... had left cash to cover my coffee. :)


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