Just Feeling Good About My SO

By Harryinthetardis • June 2, 2017

So this is kind of silly but I just need to tell someone how happy I am. I am Mexican and have CRAZY curly long hair. I have always been kind of self conscious about it because there is no taming it. No matter what I do, its too thick and curly and long! When I was little, everyone found it adorable that it was so crazy. I'm 24 though so it has stopped being cute and now just looks ridiculius if I try wearing it down. My family has cute loose curls or tight little ringlets and they can wear it down so I've always been jealous. My friends, the same thing. Well, I gave up hope trying to tame it long ago. It stays in a tight bun or if I do wear it down I know its going to be a mess.

Well, I've been in a relationship for a little over a year and I have usually kept to my normal styling but when I do put it down my SO always laughs at how big it will get. It never bothers me cuz I'm used to it plus he is new to crazy curly hair so it still amazes him. How does all this lead to me being happy? Well, I decided to straighten my hair last night and it was a process! I finally finished and walked out to my boyfriend to ask how it looked. His face dropped and he just looked confused. He shook his head no and says "where did it go? The fro? Will it come back? I liked it." I then enlightened him on how straightening your hair works and he just kept shaking his head. "But this doesnt work for me. That's not you. That's wrong. Your hair is curly. I liked it better that way." He then pretended to be mad that I got rid of the curls and kept teasing how it didnt even look like me. He kept listing reasons why he liked my curls and that I should put them back in (I dont think he quite understood when I explained the process to him).

It sounds silly but knowing that one of my biggest insecurities he finds endearing and genuinely likes makes me happier with it too. I never felt very girly because my hair was always up. This led to a bunch of other insecurities and those are a whole other story. Last night though made me actually miss my curls too. I am so happy I found someone who actually loves my crazy fro. I'm incredibly happy knowing I can relax and not feel so insecure about the chaos on top of my head.


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