Understanding Life! Part 2: Understanding Yourself!

By Anant Suri • May 30, 2017

Understanding yourself helps you Understand life better!

We all spend so much of our time in knowing about Living and Non-Living things around us, for instance we know so much about our phones, we also spend time in knowing and reading about fictional characters in Game of thrones...'

What we miss out is knowing the most important thing in our life..That is "YOU".. how many of us really know our-self.

You may have questions in your mind asking:

1. My life is going great..what is need to know about my self? How will it make any difference to my life.. or may be you feel you know yourself.

2. Okay, i agree that one should spend time in knowing themselves..but then how do i do it? how should i begin this process?

We all have different sections in our life...Some are related to you and some are related to people around you..


~ Your mental well-being

~ Your Physical Fitness

~ Your thought process

~ Keenness in developing yourself


~Relation with your spouse

~ Relation with your kids

~ How are you as a co-worker

~ Your attitude towards people whom you interact with day in and day out.

All of this helps you understand yourself as a person. No one is asking you to be perfect, but self analysis of what are you as an individual good at?

You may be a better singer than a dancer..

You may be a better father than a co-worker..

We usually tend to compare our-self with others, he is a better father than me.. or she is a better wife than me...

There will always be someone better than you and someone not as good as you. Such type of comparison is NEVER ENDING!

YOU need to compare YOURSELF with YOURSELF.. analyse what your are good at in comparison to the things that you do... & then try developing the things your are not so good at and maintain the things your are good at... this is guide you to the path of knowing your self and improving yourself at every step..

I am open to discussion on this and would value your comments...

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