For I'm Not A Mother ...

By Vivie Liem • October 11, 2013

I have married for this 5,8 years and so grateful for my happy marriage. I have kind husband who love me so. We haven't kids yet till now ... sometimes and often the quietness/loneliness has come ... we miss babbles, howl and everything about a baby, kids. Thanks GOD as a couple we never blame each others or fighting because of this. Our spars is less then one hour.

I'm a preschool teacher and a person who likes and loves kids very much, I spend my days teach in a preschool and give private lesson for kindergarten kids from Monday until Friday and I enjoyed it ...

For I know GOD has special plan for me and my husband, even we can't fully understand about it, still I BELIEVE IN GOD. As a human I have crying, sometimes jealous and " empty " but above all I choose to trust in GOD by spend my sadness times in pray and it's strengthen me and taught me many about live and how to life my live. Human beings has their own burden, everything become different when WE HAVE GOD, no matter what's your burden . We can face it when we know there's GOD and we stick on HIM. I took many chance, opportunities to share everything about GOD with my students. GOD give me " heaven" when they interested, excited, curious and wants to know about GOD . I put GOD in their lives, when they are grow up they'll face everything with GOD ...

Sometimes we become upset when we don't have someone/something and can't reach our dreams/planning ( mostly just a temporary thing ) but WE FORGET THERE'S SOMETHING MORE IMPORTANT IN THIS LIFE ... ETERNAL VALUES !!

I'll say THANK YOU GOD for being my TEACHER ... who always teach me especially in my darkest hours ^_^

(I apologize for my English, for am not expert in. Hopefully it's understandable).


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