You Are Beyond Limit

By Princewill Iliya • May 6, 2017

You have counted times without number how you have tried but failed, to add to injury, people who you have trusted say to you i have told you; you cant make it. that's a big lie! for the only person who can stop you from achieving beyond where you are is YOU.

"You alone can stop you" - Princewill Iliya

Most times, we look down on ourselves. How then can people look up to us? you have to discover who you really are to think beyond the normal and ascertain to get there.

You are beyond where you are, for every stage in life is a starting point to another level if only you can look deep within you.

As a man thinks so is He; WHAT ARE YOU ALWAYS THINKING OF?

"Let no man limit you; you have equal space at the top" - Princewill Iliya

Thank you.


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