Life Means Endings And Beginnings

By Sonia Kaur • April 21, 2017

When we enter into the world, it is the beginning of the journey of our new life and the end of the journey in mother's womb. Life means ending and beginning of things, circumstances, situations, relations, years any many more. We have two choices, accept life as it comes or create it by our own choice. The choice is yours. What do you want and what not?

You can't rewrite your past life again but you can write your destiny by learning lessons from the past mistakes. Never regret for anything in your life because everything happens for a reason and never show anybody down but lovingly explaining to him because sometimes a person doesn't mean to make mistakes, it happens unintentionally.

As life is passing, we meet new people and our new relationships are formed, in the same way our old relations are lost or we have to leave them i.e after marriage girls have to accept new family, new family members, beginning of her new life. Sometimes a person dies in the house or someone takes birth but life keeps on moving, all we have to do is what we have right now anything any relation, things, job, business, friends etc we have to do well with everything and everybody because you never know when there is the end of what. Life means endings and beginnings. So never forget old relations for new relations. Give importance to everybody in your life. I am saying so because we guys make this mistake. We only make relations on our selfish motto but we forget that every relationship is important in our life. You never know when and who will support us in the need. So we just need little patience.

Relationship is must in life. Never ignore anyone at least for the sake of money because you never when and which relationship comes to an end and after that you have nothing beside regret. Don't place the word 'hopefully' in your life. Enjoy each and every moment, money is important, but not necessarily as important as we think. As much as we need, God has given us. Stop running after money and start enjoying life because as the days are passing, life will end one day. Be thankful to God.

Every life starts with an end. The journey between the beginning of the life till its end. Throughout the journey how we play because we are temporary here. Now its up to us how we travel like a good passenger or a bad. If like a good passenger then you will have to do lot of hard work on behavior, attitude, actions and of course language and if like bad then you need only bad thoughts or bad company then rest of everything will be done automatically. No needs of efforts.

If there is no new beginning in life and there is no end to something then it becomes boring. As if leaves don't fall from the tree then it would look so ugly because leaves get dry with time, in the same way the beauty of life is in change, if a child stop growing then how long he and his parents would enjoy his childhood. Ending and beginning are the important part of life. So be always ready for new beginnings, new challenges and to make new moments memorable.

In this world, there is only God who has no beginning and no end. He is eternal. Apart from God everything has its ending. I have seen that sometimes Somethings are in our life for more time like friends, car, house etc, we still find new house, friends, new relations, cars and we have the old things at that time but what we do despite making balance we start ignoring old things, thinking that we no longer need them and here it is we make mistake. Whatever we have in our life new or old is important for us unless it doesn't come to an end. So respect, love everything and be thankful to God for everything.

Ending and beginning are the major part of life. Occasionally we are standing at such a turn of life when we have to make some decisions for ending and beginning of a new life. That decisions might be painful but we have to make it for the sake of our own or for our loved one's betterment. On that time I believe in praying to God because he has the solution of every problem. We only need to kneel down and surrender so that ending and beginning becomes easy for us to accept.

There are twelve months in a year. One starts, then it ends and the beginning of new month. Every month has its own beauty and drawbacks as well, despite running we enjoy every month. So as life, beginning and ending of happiness and sorrow. We only learn to handle them wisely. The one who is wise is the winner of the game of life.

Beginning of everything like love, career, any type of relationship, business etc is like emptiness but as we go through, we need to put dedication, concentration, sacrifices and lot of patience and slowly everything start becoming beautiful and end will be a painful because nobody wants to lose beautiful things but this is the fact whatever has been started has to end one day. Patience is the most important key of success.

"Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love". - Mother Teresa.

Life ends but love never. Now we all have become selfish that is why love is ending but the truth is that love never ends.

"An Oak tree is a daily reminder that great things often have small beginnings". - Matshona Dhliwayo

If, we go with flow of life than life is full of endings and beginnings like failure comes with new try with new method, grief comes with wisdom and wisdom is an end of imprudence, good deeds are an end of bad deeds, happiness is an end of sadness etc.

"With endings come new beginnings". - Alexandra Potter

I hope you guys like this. May God bless you all with spiritual healthy wealthy long life and with good destiny.


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