Life Mantra - How To Live Your Life!

By Anant Suri • April 13, 2017

How to live your life?

A simple question isn't it? But it needs deeper understanding.

I call it GOAL mantra.

Get going

(just start with what ever you wish to do in life..don't wait for the right time or right moment..the right time is now)


(Set you priorities in life..thumb can never make everyone happy..don't hurt anyone..but ensure you make your life worth living)


( with everything you do)


(learn to be more happy..bold..quick..or is a must never stop learning)

Everyone has there own way of living it..but GOAL is a general rule that one and all should follow irrespective of your age, gender,social status.

We are all here with assigned work..some love doing it and some love cursing it..your life is what you think of it.

Every minutes is precious make the most of it..make millions of beautiful memories.

Don't die at 25 and get buried at your life to the you are the KING of your life and only you can choose the way you want to live it!

So go on..dare to rule your life!


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