When Everything Is In Chaos Just Smile

By Letizia Marie • April 9, 2017

Have you ever experienced when you're on the most chaos scene, when all the people around you feel hopeless and negative such as unexpected presentation in work or school or being late and your boss will be visiting you? Or, maybe worst than these scenarios. I know all of us have their unforgettable memories, but what did you do to overcome this ? Maybe you have your answer but for those who do not, I have mine to share.

When you're in the most pressured or stressed out moment, the easiest thing to do first is breathe and smile then imagine the most happy moment in your life or people that inspires you, automatically it can change your mood then you can think better and work faster to create solutions of such dilemma.

You can also sing your favorite song to make you feel relaxed such as singing praise and worship songs of God (it works better than those pop song). Also, you can drink water with ice cubes to calm all your nerves.

For me it is very important on how we handle the situation 'cause it can mold you into a better person in time.

Smile and just breathe.


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